Dead Sounds

by The Drunken Draculas



At long last, the first full length from the Drunken Draculas! Possibly the greatest full-length garage rock record ever released from hell. Lovingly recorded to tape, and available on pro-dubbed cassettes to play in your old Impala.

Cassette Gods - " This full-length album is EXACTLY like you would expect, so no unwanted surprises await those of you yearning to expand your Halloween party playlist."

Tiny Mix Tapes - "It’s a twisty, half-played mess of vibrant bass, oaken vocals and silly monster references (“The Tranny was a Zombie,” “Old Ass Troll,” “Dracula Stole My Gal”). All two minute blisters that begged to be popped so the 60s ooze all over your boil covered body. If you found this during a bin (dumpster?) dive, you’d be holding a classic that never existed."

SpaceRockMountain - "There's still those deep, lo-fi vocals that could sing me to sleep even in a coffin (listen to "Father Death") and displays of loud, boisterous rocking, yet it's got a healthy amount of more subtle, eerie rock to make a fully formed blood-sucking album. Get this shit."

Beer on My Boat Shoes - "The Drunken Draculas latest release is gleefully abrasive psych garage rock. The band name says it all. They’re wild, loud, violent, and they have no qualms about relieving you of some blood (presumably through your ears). What makes Dead Sounds awesome is that beneath all of the grisly edges are super catchy tunes, with yelpy choruses, chimy guitars, and groovy drums. I’m reminded a little of Psychedelic Horseshit’s offerings, not so much in the sound as in the way both bands push the limits of skull battering noise you can dish out with a garage pop song. In all of the good ways. My favorite track is “Devil Days, Demon Nights”, but I won’t be offended if you pick your own."

Noel Gallagher - "I thought ripping off the Beatles was a good idea, but I should have been ripping off these guys!"


released October 31, 2012



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Home of the California based record label, releasing cassette tapes and records since 2011.

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